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Amanda Hamilton has been one of the UK’s most established nutrition experts for nearly two decades, with a prolific career that includes eight internationally syndicated TV series, four books - one of which became a number one bestseller, and accolades including being named one of the UK’s top five “super-nutritionists”. With an ambition to share her expertise more widely and impact people's health positively, Amanda sought a means to package her knowledge into accessible and engaging online courses.


Vertical Brands partnered with Amanda Hamilton to translate her expertise into a digital learning experience. Utilizing our tried-and-tested Masterclass-Academy model, we developed four distinct offerings: The Nutritionist Masterclass, The Wellness Masterclass, The Nutrition Coach Academy, and The Wellness Coach Academy.

The Masterclasses served as a stepping stone, introducing learners to Amanda's wealth of knowledge at a low cost. This strategy resulted in the impressive sale of over 15,000 Masterclass courses. The Academies then provided a deeper, more comprehensive learning experience for those ready to delve further. Through this model, we managed to sell over 800 Academy courses.

Our role was extensive, covering strategy and model development, creative design, videography, copywriting, course design and development, social media advertising, and customer service.



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Our partnership with Amanda Hamilton yielded notable success. Our Masterclass-Academy model enabled Amanda to reach and educate a substantial audience, leading to over 15,000 Masterclass sales and over 800 Academy sales. These numbers reflect the effectiveness of our strategic approach, as well as the appeal of Amanda's expertise and the high-quality courses we designed.

We successfully transformed Amanda's extensive knowledge into a structured, engaging digital learning experience, reaffirming her status as a leading voice in nutrition and wellness and allowing thousands of learners to benefit from her insights. Our work with Amanda Hamilton demonstrates the power of the Masterclass-Academy model to make expert knowledge accessible and engaging for a broad audience.

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