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Linda Rauch, a renowned psychic medium and tarot reader, has made a name for herself through her profound insight and intuitive understanding of the world beyond us. To extend her reach and share her knowledge with the wider world, Linda sought to develop a series of online courses.


Vertical Brands partnered with Linda Rauch to design and launch six online courses spanning three distinct yet interconnected subjects: The Psychic & Mediumship Masterclass, The Psychic & Mediumship Academy, The Intuitive Tarot Masterclass, The Intuitive Tarot Academy, The Witchcraft & Magick Masterclass, and The Witchcraft & Magick Academy.

We deployed our proprietary Masterclass-Academy model, a strategic marketing model designed to acquire, engage, nurture and convert prospective customers into long-term committed clients. We offered the Masterclasses at a low-ticket price, appealing to a wide audience interested in Psychic, Tarot, and Witchcraft. This strategy enabled us to sell over 3,000 Masterclasses while achieving breakeven on advertising spend.

The Academies, offering more extensive and intensive training, were then introduced to those who had completed the Masterclasses. With the credibility, rapport and trust established through the Masterclasses, we achieved a conversion rate of 10% for our Academies.

Our work spanned strategy development, creative design, videography, copywriting, course design and development, social media advertising, and customer service



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The partnership between Vertical Brands and Linda Rauch yielded impressive results. The Masterclass-Academy model not only facilitated the widespread sale of the Masterclasses, but also drove conversion for the in-depth Academy courses.

We successfully designed and launched six online courses, cementing Linda's position as a thought-leader in her field and providing an accessible, comprehensive learning journey for her students. Our involvement with Linda Rauch demonstrates the efficacy of a comprehensive strategy in driving growth and facilitating knowledge sharing in the online learning space while achieving six-figures in revenue with a few short months.

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