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Richard Knight, an acclaimed psychic and tarot reader, wished to expand his reach by offering online courses that would make his teachings more accessible to a broader audience. The goal was to design a series of courses that encapsulated his deep knowledge while attracting both beginners and more advanced learners.


Vertical Brands collaborated with Richard Knight to develop four online courses: The Psychic Development Masterclass, The Tarot Masterclass, The Psychic Development Academy, and The Tarot Academy.

Utilizing our successful Masterclass-Academy model, we offered the Masterclasses at a low-ticket price, aiming to attract a large audience interested in psychic development and tarot readings. This strategy paid off, allowing us to sell the Masterclasses to over 20,000 individuals, while also achieving profitability on advertising spend.

Following the Masterclasses, we introduced the Academies, which offered a more intensive and comprehensive learning experience. Leveraging the credibility established through the Masterclasses, we managed to sell our Academies to over 1,900 students.

Our role was multi-faceted, encompassing strategy development, creative design, videography, copywriting, course design and development, social media advertising, and customer service.



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Revenue Generated


Our collaboration with Richard Knight proved to be tremendously successful. The Masterclass-Academy model effectively expanded Richard's reach, helping him connect with over 20,000 individuals through the Masterclasses and over 1,900 students through the Academies.

In monetary terms, we generated £2 million in revenue, a significant achievement reflecting the successful implementation of our strategy and the quality of the courses we developed.

The partnership demonstrated the efficacy of our model and strategy in promoting online courses, establishing Richard Knight as a thought-leader in his field, and providing valuable learning experiences for his students.

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