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Elit Vodka, initially a part of the globally-recognized Stolichnaya Vodka, represents the pinnacle of ultra-luxury in the spirits market. Elit combines a time-honored distillation process with a commitment to quality that is unrivaled. However, despite its superior offering, Elit Vodka's positioning was lacking the unique character required to stand apart in a competitive market.


Vertical Brands was approached by Elit Vodka to navigate their separation from the Stoli brand and establish them as a standalone brand. We understood the challenge - to create an independent identity for Elit Vodka, while acknowledging its roots in the Stoli family.

Our involvement started with launching a new creative direction that embodied the elegance and sophistication of Elit Vodka. We amplified their content on social media, aligning it with their new artistic position and ensuring consistency across all platforms.

We then launched the brand campaign "Fire at -18", helmed by Grammy Award winner Tony Kays. This campaign captured the essence of Elit Vodka - the chill of its iconic distillation process, combined with the warmth of its smooth finish.



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Our comprehensive strategy yielded impressive results for Elit Vodka. We saw a substantial 30% growth in followers, attesting to the appeal of the brand's revamped image. In addition, our campaign resulted in a 3,690% increase in impressions, demonstrating the reach and impact of our creative direction.

The engagement rate also saw an astounding 400% increase, reflecting the resonance of the new brand positioning with its target audience. By creating a unique identity for Elit Vodka, we helped the brand stand out in the ultra-luxury spirits market, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

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