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Rooted in Russia's rich history, Moskovskaya represents an authentic vodka legacy that is savouredacross the globe. Despite its established legacy, Moskovskaya recognised the need for a dynamicdigital presence to capture a new generation of vodka enthusiasts.


The team behind Vertical Brands was approached by Moskovskaya to invigorate their digital strategy and eCommerce experience, bringing their timeless brand into the contemporary digital landscape. We understood the challenge: to pay homage to Moskovskaya's heritage while appealing to a new generation of consumers.

We crafted an innovative social strategy designed to engage and grow Moskovskaya's digital community. With a keen focus on creating thumb-stopping content, we captured the essence of Moskovskaya, balancing its time-honoired traditions with a contemporary, inviting touch. We juxtaposed the distinct vodka experience against diverse social scenarios, forging a connection between the brand and the modern, discerning consumer.

Simultaneously, we addressed Moskovskaya's need for a seamless eCommerce experience. We collaborated with third-party distributors, ensuring an efficient online shopping experience that allowed the rich, authentic taste of Moskovskaya vodka to be just a few clicks away.



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Our comprehensive strategy yielded unprecedented results for Moskovskaya. Over the course of our campaign, Moskovskaya experienced an extraordinary 5,560% growth in followers. But, beyond the numbers, we cultivated a vibrant, engaged digital community around the Moskovskaya brand, resulting in an 87,000% increase in engagement. Our thumb-stopping content not only captivated audiences but also encouraged them to participate in Moskovskaya's brand story.

Moreover, our eCommerce strategy was equally impactful. By marrying the convenience of online shopping with the elegance of Moskovskaya's product, we were able to generate a staggering 550% return on advertising spend, further testifying to the success of our comprehensive, future-forward strategy.

Our collaboration with Moskovskaya demonstrates the power of a balanced digital strategy that honours a brand's legacy while innovating for the future. We're proud to have supported Moskovskaya in their digital transformation journey, ensuring they remain a leading player in the global spirits market.

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