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Sakrid, a revolutionary toxin-free skincare brand, prioritizes clean, sustainable ingredients in their skincare line. This eco-conscious brand understands the desire for skincare products that are as gentle on the environment as they are on the skin. Despite having a product line with immense potential, Sakrid needed a launch strategy that would reflect their brand ethos and catch the attention of their target market.


Vertical Brands was approached by Sakrid to develop and execute a comprehensive launch and digital strategy. Recognizing the brand's potential, we sought to introduce Sakrid to the market in a way that showcased its unique selling proposition and resonated with conscious consumers.

Our strategy spanned both paid and organic social media, balancing the reach of targeted advertising with the authenticity and engagement of organic social content. We curated creative briefs that challenged conventional skincare advertising norms, producing breakthrough ad campaigns that elevated Sakrid's brand identity.

Part of our strategy also focused on influencer partnerships. By identifying and collaborating with both micro and macro influencers who aligned with Sakrid's ethos, we were able to broaden Sakrid's reach, generate a wealth of user-created content, and drive sales.



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The launch of Sakrid exceeded all expectations. Within the first 24 hours, we witnessed nearly 2,000 sign-ups at an impressive £0.03 per lead, testament to our compelling incentive strategy and the allure of Sakrid's product line.

Furthermore, our unique blend of paid and organic social media campaigns, coupled with influential partnerships, drove impressive engagement and solidified Sakrid's digital presence. The soft metrics from our campaigns were among the strongest we have seen for a launch, emphasizing the resonance of Sakrid's toxin-free ethos with today's conscious consumers.

Our multi-faceted approach - spanning digital strategy, consumer research, social media marketing, paid advertising, photography & content production, email marketing, and website design & development - delivered a comprehensive, successful launch that positioned Sakrid for sustained success in the competitive skincare market.

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